Human Design Part 1: Generators

Hello seekers of truth, today’s post is a bit different although I will also be writing the daily bless up!

Today’s post is about Human Design. I love using any tools I can to understand myself better and Human Design (HD) has been a tool that has helped me understand a fundamental element of our human nature, which is energy. Human Design gives us a chart based on our time and place of birth (similar to astrology. From this chart we gather information about ourselves that can be helpful. I am covering the Strategies part of Human Design in this four part series. 

Click the link below to get your human design chart and also learn a bit more about this system (link opens in a new page):

Human Design

As a disclaimer, I do not subscribe to ALL the beliefs that the HD system has to offer, but I will write my own personal interpretations and experiences with the system. Keep in mind that I know only the basics. This post is Part One of a four part human design series and it deals ONLY with Generators.

If you are a Generator or know someone who is please read on!

In HD there are 5 energetic types. Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors, Manifestors, and Reflectors. Generators and Manifesting Generators account for the majority of the human population, Projectors account for about 20%, Manifestors for about 8%, and Reflectors for about 1%.

I have had the luck to meet the four types (except Reflectors, due to their rarity). I have taken the time today to write about my own experiences with these four types.

Generators/Manifesting Generators: For Generators and Manifesting Generators, HD describes their life experience as one of “waiting”. They wait for the right life situations to come to them and THEN they can decide whether to accept the offer of not. Generators have a constant supply of energy, they are essentially the backbone of society. They are the 9-5 for 20 years type. Generators who have learned to manage their energy well, are able to accept the right situations.  Manifesting Generators must also wait, but after receiving the energy they can start initiating the situations as well.

Popular literature in the HD circle tells us that Generators were slaves to Manifestors in the recent past. This is where I diverge from the common HD beliefs. I DO NOT believe that Generators are the slave class. Generators are the class that does not initiate and therefore may be negatively influenced by people (of any strategy) who are power hungry and know how to use the Generators natural receptivity for evil.

My personal experience with Generators is that the descriptions are true. They are people who can go on and on, little Energizer bunnies! They are able to work all day long, they can do busy work, and they tend to just live life until a particular event sets them off on a different course. Have you ever heard some stories of famous Generators and how they were “discovered” or how they had no interest in a particular field or subject but someone else introduced them and now they are wildly successful in their life?

That’s an example of how the Generators energy processing works. Life comes to them all they need to do it respond and hopefully accept the right situations. When it comes to the Generators I know, I see this energy pattern playing out constantly AND I also see how many Generators suffer from Manifestor and Manifesting Generator envy .

So many Generators burn themselves out constantly trying to initiate their life. They accept the societal pressure to accomplish some great feat through their sheer will power. They sit around thinking that they need to embark on some huge project that will bring them fame, fortune or pleasure. They struggle over and over with the cultural trope of “following  your dreams”. They end up depressed because they couldn’t follow their dreams in the end. That’s because it is not the Generators job to “know” what their dreams are beforehand. The Generators job is to WAIT for their dreams to come to them.

I’m not sure about the way the rest of the world functions but in American society, our media glorifies Manifesting Generators. We want to be someone who has relentless work ethic and who can make things happen by a snap of their fingers. Only about 33% of the population can do that!

It is okay to wait for life to come to you. Trust me when I tell  you that the most successful and peaceful Generators I know were presented opportunities and they simply responded with a Yes.

The confusion comes from Generators not being able to tell the difference between wanting to keep doing things (this is correct for a Generator; your energy must be used) and wanting to manifest/initiate things. The most successful Generators keep moving. They fill their days with activities until they land on the proper/divine situation. Someone/something will present an idea, a job, a business opportunity, or even a relationship to you. At that point all you have to do is accept/decline.

Most of our modern society is modeled after Generators. Our long work hours, our boring everyday jobs, and our system of relationships. Most people in our society commit themselves to something and work at that until they receive better opportunities. The misunderstanding of the Generator energy is what leads to frustration.

Generators start feeling like they should be Manifestors, constantly cooking up some new ideas and that frustrates them. They feel “stuck” and they feel that they are not part of the glamorous worlds that are presented to us in the media. Ineffective Generators have a feeling of constantly wanting to escape what they consider monotony.

Just to throw an anecdote in here, I am a Manifestor! As a Manifestor I would see many media depictions of Generators inner worlds. For example, there are many movies about the banalities of suburbia. As a Manifestor it all seemed so silly to me, just leave I would yell at the television when yet another person bemoaned their boring existence. Every movie/tv show about cheaters would make me feel so crazy because I couldn’t understand why people wouldn’t just walk out of their relationships when they felt they weren’t good enough anymore.

BUT, this is how I came to understand the Generator strategy. Generators don’t immediately know what they want! Once again they are simply reacting to life around them. Now it makes perfect sense. The Generator kid living in suburbia doesn’t understand that he is here to respond, not to initiate. Suburbia becomes the reflection of all the other Generators around him who can’t initiate and end up feeling stuck. The married Generator didn’t know they wanted to be with someone else until someone else offered themselves up!

The Generator receives life and then decides what to do. Generators who are not strong in their intuition end up accepting invitations of all types, many of which are not beneficial for them and because of the ability of the Generator to continuously pour energy into something, they can end up “stuck” in jobs and relationships for years.

Generators understand that you are here to embody the perfect zen nature of the greatest sages of our time. The frustration you feel because you can’t seem to get things going or initiate can go away if you simply let go and let God. Do not beat yourself up because you perceive yourself as lazy. Enjoy your life and have faith.

I’m linking this post to a Bless Up post directed at Generators! Stay tuned.


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  1. I was intrigued, so I did it too… I am apparently a projector with splenic authority. I must say, I was pretty impressed with the little free assessment. Quite accurate to my experience.


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