Bless Up, For Generators

Hello loved ones! Today's Bless Up is a continuation on my Human Design Series. This is quite a long post packed with wonderful information for Generators! However, if you want to read just the Bless Up Prayer, just scroll down.  Please check out the previous blog posts I've written to get a full picture!  Human... Continue Reading →


Bless Up Part 5: Removing Evil from Your Life

Hello beautiful readers out there! I hope you're all the way up right now. Please do not be alarmed by the title! "Evil" comes in many forms, if you want to call this energy negativity, tests, whatever it is that you want to call in when life tries us over and over again, today we... Continue Reading →

I AM: Part One Cleansing

Blessings creatures of light! This is the first part of the I AM series and I am so happy to be sharing it with  you today. In this series I will try to work through each of the chakras clearing the issues associated with each one for you.  Before we can do any of that... Continue Reading →

I AM Series: Introduction

Update: I now have affiliate links on my blog. These are links to Amazon products (mostly books for me!) which I receive commission on when you click. I am linking only the products which I have personally read, used, and endorse 100%. None of my links are frivolous, they are things I strongly believe can... Continue Reading →

Bless up, Part Four: Releasing Guilt

Welcome back lovely humans! Today's Bless Up is all about releasing guilt.  This post is inspired by the people in my life whom I feel that I have done everything to understand, nourish, and help them grow but I have no been making any progress with. For me, that's a huge source of personal guilt,... Continue Reading →

Bless Up, Episode 3

Hello fellow seekers of truth! Everyday there is a new challenge to test our spiritual growth. Someone angers us, something doesn't go our way, or people are generally loud and obnoxious. Even as I speak I am having trouble writing this Bless Up because of all the chaos around me. However, an interesting conversation also... Continue Reading →

Bless Up, Episode 2

Hello everyone! I am so glad you've made it here today and I want to say that I am always excited to do these posts. I have been making modifications and changes to my page, so let me know anything that can be improved. As of now you can click on the page title OR... Continue Reading →

Bless Up

Welcome to your space of beauty once again.  I will be doing a daily prayer for you. These prayers are not meant to be taken in sequence. Under the prayers tag on my blog you will be able to find all the prayers I have posted. These prayers have different intentions. Sometimes they clear away... Continue Reading →

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