Hello loved ones! I was noticing more people checking out my about page so I decided to put up a little bit more information.

My name is Omi and I am a Reiki Master living and practicing in Los Angeles.

I have had a spiritual approach to life since I was very young. I remember meditating and visiting other worlds and planets even before I was 5, learning yoga at 8, and taking my first intense meditative retreat at 18. I feel so blessed that the Universe surrounded me with it’s wisdom my whole life. 

I am here to share uplifting, positive spirituality with the world. 

Anyone interested in my Reiki Practice and services can visit my professional website at 

Karmic Release Reiki

First time clients can use promo code newclient50 for a 50% discount off your first session!

I love what I do and I am happy to help people heal. 



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