How do I Reach Enlightenment?

  A rather interesting human trait is the desire to transcend the worldly life. As a spiritual and religious person, it is also a personal concern to me. I spent a lot of time as a young person exploring the fascinating forms of thinking, being, and believing that were available to me. I didn't quite... Continue Reading →


The Importance of One God

I want to welcome everyone of all religious beliefs, denominations, and spiritual paths. In light of the importance that global politics, entertainment sex scandals, and religious persecutions have taken in people's lives, I hope to write a deeply inspired post that will hopefully change lives. It is important to keep an open mind in this... Continue Reading →

New Age: The Jury’s Out

Hello everyone, here's another philosophical little opinion for you all. Today's post is about the New Age movement and it's influence as the rising star of spirituality in America today.  Anybody with eyes should be able to see that New Age beliefs are on the rise. Crystals, ascension, holistic healing, and manifestation are topics on... Continue Reading →

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