Bless Up, For Generators

Hello loved ones! Today's Bless Up is a continuation on my Human Design Series. This is quite a long post packed with wonderful information for Generators! However, if you want to read just the Bless Up Prayer, just scroll down.  Please check out the previous blog posts I've written to get a full picture!  Human... Continue Reading →


Human Design: Part 2 Projectors

Hello everyone, I am here once more with the second part of the Human Design Series. If you missed it here is the link to the first post (link will open in a new window): Human Design Part 1: Generators If you want a Human Design chart to find out what your strategy is, click... Continue Reading →

Human Design Part 1: Generators

Hello seekers of truth, today's post is a bit different although I will also be writing the daily bless up! Today's post is about Human Design. I love using any tools I can to understand myself better and Human Design (HD) has been a tool that has helped me understand a fundamental element of our... Continue Reading →

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