Dangers of Twin Flame Theory Part Two

It is a coping mechanism for us as we are exposed to greater levels of social dissonance and upheaval. Twin Flame theory touches the loneliest parts of our soul.


How do I Reach Enlightenment?

  A rather interesting human trait is the desire to transcend the worldly life. As a spiritual and religious person, it is also a personal concern to me. I spent a lot of time as a young person exploring the fascinating forms of thinking, being, and believing that were available to me. I didn't quite... Continue Reading →

Art of Manifesting: Part One

I've been neglecting this blog because of the realities I've manifested, but here I am with a post about manifestation.  Manifestation is a concept that comes up frequently in the New Age sphere.  We are in a spiritual and cosmic time which is requiring many people to actually manifest their desires and dreams. My blog... Continue Reading →

Anybody Can Be Spiritual

Blessings unto you loving creations. Today's post is inspired by Miss Tina Turner! I encourage all of you to click the link below and hear a beautiful rendition of the Buddhist Lotus Sutra (link opens in a new tab) Tina Turner- Lotus Sutra From the title of the post, I am sure you can tell... Continue Reading →

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