The Dangers of Twin Flame Theory

I haven't written in a while because the number of people I personally know reading this blog keeps increasing and honestly, it gives me a terrible case of writers block. However, I have been seeing so much spiritual ignorance out there that I simply cannot keep my mouth shut anymore. As I've said before I... Continue Reading →


Karmic Cycles and Manifestation

I've been so far gone with the Eclipse energy completely turning my life upside down. I'm pleased to see that my blog is still growing in its readership and that gives me all the inspiration I need to keep going. If I haven't spoken about it before, I am a Reiki Master! I promise to... Continue Reading →

Art of Manifesting: Part One

I've been neglecting this blog because of the realities I've manifested, but here I am with a post about manifestation.  Manifestation is a concept that comes up frequently in the New Age sphere.  We are in a spiritual and cosmic time which is requiring many people to actually manifest their desires and dreams. My blog... Continue Reading →

Healing Our Troubled Relationships

Hello spirit beings! This is a post that I have been somewhat avoiding.  Relationships are so complicated for many of us. I would say that bad relationships have one of the biggest negative impacts on our lives. A bad relationship with anyone close to us will distort our way of viewing life for the worse.... Continue Reading →

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