Bless Up, For Generators

Hello loved ones! Today’s Bless Up is a continuation on my Human Design Series.

This is quite a long post packed with wonderful information for Generators! However, if you want to read just the Bless Up Prayer, just scroll down. 

Please check out the previous blog posts I’ve written to get a full picture! 

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This Bless Up is for the pure Generators out there. Let’s discuss the three biggest sore spots for Generators.

1. Feeling Stuck

The Pure Generator has two important energetic abilities. The first one is to wait and the second one is to follow through. 

This amazing ability to follow through is what “traps” many Generators in uncomfortable situations. 

As a Generator the most valuable lesson you can learn is to listen to your higher self.

The higher self will protect you from accepting the wrong situations, because remember that once a Generator accepts an energy into their aura they have to follow-through. You will see that energy through until something else comes in that you can say yes to. 

I feel stuck and I feel resentful because I feel stuck is the anthem of many frustrated Generators! 

It doesn’t have to be yours though. Cultivate a connection to Divine Will through art, music, meditation, and other spiritual practices so that you can remain moving in a positive and fruitful direction. 

     2. Not Knowing Who You Are

Pure Generators suffer from this more than Manifesting Generators because they feel at the mercy of everyone else. They are constantly waiting for opportunities and observing the life’s of others in order to bring some of that energy into their own sphere. The Generators open aura and their openness to activation by other types causes them to be like dust in the wind.

For a Generator who is not connected to themselves or to Creator this creates an identity crisis. The Generator keeps waiting to “find themselves” because this is what the rest of the world tells us to do. They (should) slowly realize what the Indian and Buddhist mystics came to realize 

There is no true self. 

Generators should accept this as it will lead them to greater happiness.

There is no true self, you are not here to define yourself and put yourself in a box.

You are here to listen to the Divine Will that comes from deep within you and knows when to say YES! to a situation and when to walk away. 

As a Generator you must let go of the “find yourself” mantra that has been told to you. You must live in the now, saying yes and no as you feel the energy. Today may be yes, tomorrow may be no. This is perfectly okay! 

    3. Frustration

Frustration is the major theme of the Generator who has not mastered themselves. 

A Generator has relentless energy and will finish any task set before them. 

When a Generator has not been invited to any life event or project, they may sit around stewing in a toxic cloud of frustration. Their energy centers are producing constant energy, but they have no outlet. 

Negative thoughts start to creep in and the Generator starts judging themselves as useless, worthless, and lazy. 

Subconsciously, Generators believe that unless they are being productive they are not living fulfilling lives. 

On one hand, this shows a deep understanding of their design. Yes, you are here to be productive and you have all the capabilities to be productive until your last days. Sometimes though, especially for younger Generators, life hasn’t handed you the opportunities you can say YES to. 

So, you find yourself in a position of waiting and although this is what you are meant to do, it can be so frustrating and downright infuriating at times. I have met many angry Generators who have loads of pent up energy. 

You must learn to trust the Universe. That’s all there is to it. 

You have to trust that the opportunity you are seeking is seeking you! 

Fill your day with small tasks whenever you are waiting for a big opportunity. Clean, cook, renovate the house, go for a jog, volunteer, do anything and everything to expend that extra energy and avoid the feeling of frustration. 

Meditation is the biggest ally you have. I know that many Generators hate meditation, it feels like you’re doing absolutely nothing, but that’s the whole point! Learn to do nothing, learn to wait patiently without frustration, and learn to relax. 


As a Generator you embody the yang principle of receptivity. A Pure Generator is receptive to the needs of the world. The world needs many things!

It needs mother and fathers, workers, environmental activists, musicians, nurses, dog walkers, receptionists, spiritual counselors, mechanics, craftsmen, cooks, and the list is ENDLESS!

Your fear that the world won’t need your special skills and unique talents is completely unfounded. 

Your fear that if you don’t “make things happen” that nothing will happen is unfounded. 

Do trees need to make things happen, or do they simply seek out the best place to grow?

Be like the tree, which waits for the right season to come into existence and finds where it belongs. 

Let go. 

Let’s Bless ourselves Up Generator, with a special prayer for you.

♥♥♥ The Generator’s Prayer ♥♥♥

I have been created in Perfection. 

I have been blessed with infinite energy that some can only dream of. 

I have blessed with the power of Receptivity. 

I do not have to seek, I do not have to worry, I just have to be and life come to me. 

The right relationships, the right jobs, the right place to live, everything I need is being drawn to me right now.

I just need to listen to Divine Will. 

Divine Will is going to help me make the best decisions. 

I do not need to compare myself to anyone else, for my life has followed the best path. Even if I am struggling now, it has been a blessing in disguise. Now I have learned to listen to myself.

My yes is strong and my no is stronger. I do not get sucked into bad manifestations, I only accept what is good, proper, loving, Godly, and what has been determined for me by Our Creator. 

I am an important part of the Universe. 

When I am still, I allow the Universe to Bless me deeply. 

When I smile through life’s hardships and understand that it is only temporary, I come out a winner every single time. 

When the right situations come to me, I give it everything I have as the Universe has intended for me to do. 

When I say no to the wrong situation, I never have to worry! Millions of opportunities will present themselves to me again, over and over. 

I trust the Universe. 

There is no confusion in me anymore. I do not need to define who I am. 

Every moment is unique, every micro second of my existence is different. 

I have been given the opportunity to say yes or no to whatever presents itself. 

I am not powerless.

I can choose what I accept into my life. Every second is the opportunity to accept or reject. 

I do not need to have remorse for any of my past decisions. I do not need to rationalize or explain anything to myself. I just need to be. 

Divine Will is continuously acting through me. Life is continuously offering me new choices. I make the best choice, every time.

I am open. 

I am open to receive Life. 

I let go of fear. I am wanted, needed, and special in this world.

I let go of anxiety, there is a perfect place for me here.

I let go of anger, Life will come to me. 

I now embody the perfect peace, the perfect receptivity. 

I now embody the perfect acceptance of Life.

I am ready to accept all the gifts Creator has for me.

AMEN.  So it is. 







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