Human Design: Part 2 Projectors

Hello everyone, I am here once more with the second part of the Human Design Series. If you missed it here is the link to the first post (link will open in a new window): Human Design Part 1: Generators If you want a Human Design chart to find out what your strategy is, click... Continue Reading →


Anybody Can Be Spiritual

Blessings unto you loving creations. Today's post is inspired by Miss Tina Turner! I encourage all of you to click the link below and hear a beautiful rendition of the Buddhist Lotus Sutra (link opens in a new tab) Tina Turner- Lotus Sutra From the title of the post, I am sure you can tell... Continue Reading →

I AM: Part One Cleansing

Blessings creatures of light! This is the first part of the I AM series and I am so happy to be sharing it with  you today. In this series I will try to work through each of the chakras clearing the issues associated with each one for you.  Before we can do any of that... Continue Reading →

The Practice of Ho’oponopono

Hello everyone once again. I have been a bit under the weather but with some help from the Universe, I have come back stronger than ever and I am here to share more of my life journeys with you! In Hawaii there is a wonderful practice called Ho'oponopono. I learned this recently (last year) and... Continue Reading →

I AM Series: Introduction

Update: I now have affiliate links on my blog. These are links to Amazon products (mostly books for me!) which I receive commission on when you click. I am linking only the products which I have personally read, used, and endorse 100%. None of my links are frivolous, they are things I strongly believe can... Continue Reading →

Bless up, Part Four: Releasing Guilt

Welcome back lovely humans! Today's Bless Up is all about releasing guilt.  This post is inspired by the people in my life whom I feel that I have done everything to understand, nourish, and help them grow but I have no been making any progress with. For me, that's a huge source of personal guilt,... Continue Reading →

Human Design Part 1: Generators

Hello seekers of truth, today's post is a bit different although I will also be writing the daily bless up! Today's post is about Human Design. I love using any tools I can to understand myself better and Human Design (HD) has been a tool that has helped me understand a fundamental element of our... Continue Reading →

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