Art of Manifesting: Part One

I’ve been neglecting this blog because of the realities I’ve manifested, but here I am with a post about manifestation. 

Manifestation is a concept that comes up frequently in the New Age sphere. 

We are in a spiritual and cosmic time which is requiring many people to actually manifest their desires and dreams. My blog is called Manifesting with God and so I have to write this post from that perspective. 


For the past three years I have been on a wild journey of exploration regarding karma and its workings. I’ve been blending Eastern religions and Abrahamic religions with a dash of Indigenous teachings to form a coherent world view. Of particular interest to me have been Hopi prophecies about Pahana (True White Brother) who will return to bring balance and peace to both spheres of the world and their teachings. 

These teachings have helped me maintain a balanced and open mind when it comes to religions and beliefs. I see that the staunch rigidity and the complete disconnection of God from Human that is in the Abrahamic religions is only part of the truth. The belief that we are independent operators who must overcome even God himself to move beyond the world in Eastern thought is only part of the truth. The belief that we are only nature and naturalists and that we can exist only as an extension of the Earth is only part of the Truth. I haven’t learned the secrets of the Water people, but when I do I am sure it will only be part of the Truth. 

The true and highest Truth has not come to Earth yet. It has existed in various forms, with different societies and peoples holding equally important pieces of the puzzle, but as I have come to learn the Truth is incomplete at this moment. Until the global community is healed and all our people can come together to express and share their individual truths we cannot figure out the whole. 

I have made some connections based on the thing I’ve learned and I will be using that to explain Manifestation. 

Manifestation has become very important to many people. In the past few years we’ve all seen the rise of Law of Attraction and books such as The Secret, which promise that we can create whatever reality we wish for ourselves given the power of our minds, spirits, and bodies. 

I was opposed to this way of thinking for very long as I found it shallow, materialistic, and I thought it was taking me away from the true essence of life. It didn’t help that so many people were manifesting mainly material things and that I met far too many people who were not interested in using manifestation for societal gains, only personal gains.

Manifesting is not going anywhere anytime soon and as I read and studied Christian proponents of manifestation, I began to understand it’s role in our current spiritual climate. 

The Earth and its’ people have been oppressed for a very long time. As we all know we are in an extreme period of financial and resource concentration, with 1% of the population controlling the other 99%. This ridiculous abuse of power which goes against nature has been achieved through abuses of the natural human condition, which is in a state of constant abundance and provision form nature. 

Through the removal of the connection of the people from Mother Earth, we have removed a connection to God. 

Earth is for the sustenance of all God’s Living Creatures.

I really want to stress this point, Earth is for you and me. It is here to provide us with food and all the necessities of life so long as we respect and cherish it. 

The energy of oppression has birthed disgusting human atrocities and crimes against nature, but the worst oppression of all has been the spiritual oppression. The removal of the precious and intimate connection that God created us with. 

We were created with protection, love, and deliberateness. 

Humans now feel none of that. Few have a personal relationship with God (or the Universe), Love is lacking in each one of our live’s, and society has forced us into a deep sense of hopelessness and fear for survival. 

What does Manifestation have to do with all this? Well…

Manifestation is the process of creating our realities. 

Therefore, Manifestation is giving every human on Earth the power to change the world.

By going through the process of changing our thoughts to God centered thoughts and returning to Love and Peace, we are not just bettering our personal lives, we are influencing the energy of the World. 

We don’t have to be enslaved to the power abusers anymore because a wonderful tool has returned to us and we must use it to our full advantage. 

Manifestation is only a part of the whole, like any other metaphysical teaching, but it is an invaluable tool during this time. 

The people of the world today are turning on the (false) idea of lack and they are returning to their place as the heirs of the Throne of God. There is coming into the World a realization that we truly deserve peace and harmony. In reality, peace and harmony was always there, but we have been fooled into thinking it is something we must work hard to get.

People have begun realizing: I don’t have to buy into your lack mentality, I don’t have to buy into your survivalist mentality, I don’t have to buy into your aggression mentality, and I don’t have to buy into your duality.

I can have an amazing, positive life filled with joy. 

Manifestation is giving us the power to turn away from the people who have been hurting humanity because they exist in a toxic reality. It’s no surprise that manifesting is rising as oppression is rising. 

I want everyone to know that you are being asked to turn all your thoughts of duality into thoughts of Oneness, this is the proper way in which the righteousness of God can succeed on this Earth. 

When you manifest, yes it is okay to ask for material objects, relationships, and jobs, but it would be much better if you understand that manifesting is just the process by which God’s Will turns into reality. 

To manifest is to draw energy from God and bring it down to Earth.

And what is God’s Will for us? That we be peaceful, loving, and harmonious.

To praise God is not to admire him, God does not need human admiration. To praise God is to embody the qualities which he wishes for us, as best as we can. 

Peace. Love. Harmony. 

Manifest those three things continuously. 

All you thoughts turn to Peace

All your thoughts turn to Love

All your thoughts turn to Harmony

Use the power of Manifestation to change the entire world around you. 

Part Two will be for the skeptics out there! 

Remember, 100% of us thrive in times of peace, 1% of us don’t realize that. 






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