Is Love and Peace Real?

Hello everyone! I am glad to have you back today for another very special post. 

If you have read my blog before you know that there is a lot of mention of Love and Peace. My blog focuses mainly on positive enlightenment. Although no one has asked me this yet, I know that this question must come into the minds of many readers…


Is Love and Peace Real?

Only a lucky few in this world have beautiful lives. Most of us have had some trauma, pain, or suffering. When we look around us we cannot imagine that the world is in fact, good. On the news or maybe even in our communities we see horrific acts of human indecency. 

So if you’ve read my blog and thought this was a bunch of new-age hippy nonsense, I don’t blame you.

Although this is not a blog about my personal life, I will tell  you some things about myself so that you understand my life trajectory and where I come from.

I am female. I grew up in poverty in the city of Los Angeles during the gang epidemic. My family was very emotionally and physically abusive. Like many people I experienced sexual abuse. I have been suicidal, depressive, borderline, and have had other mental and spiritual oppression in this life. I was addicted to mind altering substances. I was involved in abusive relationships where I was threatened with death or told to commit suicide. 

I write these things because I want people to understand that I did not come from a great life or background. I did not live a positive life full of loving people, but I still believe in peace and love. 

Although this belief has kept me alive during the worse periods of my life, I want it to be known that this is not blind faith. I myself have experienced a serene peace so wonderful and so beautiful that I know this world is a beautiful world. 

Nothing that has happened to me can make me forget this truth. 

I want to share one of the most powerful stories about the reality of life that I have with you.


When I was a young girl in high school, me and a couple of schoolmates decided to go out and help our friend go on a date with a girl. She was with her friends so our friend wanted some of us to go with him and hang out with her friends while he talked to her more privately. 

We go meet them and we all go to a park. It’s quite a normal day when suddenly I am catapulted into a whole different reality. Strangers walking by me begin smiling at me. I have this feeling of slight euphoria and I feel that I am simply floating. I don’t have any thoughts anymore just this feeling that I am. I just am. 

The colors all look so brilliant and I begin to forget any and all of my troubles. 

A group of three girls begin talking to me. I have lost all desire to speak and I simply listen to what they say and let their words wash over me. They tell me that I am so calm, amazing, and loving. They tell me they want to be my best friend. They playfully fight over who is my best friend. They tell me they love me and I feel equal love for every single one of them. I have no judgement towards any of them. I am completely open to their affection. 

I don’t have the usual judgmental thoughts about other people or myself. I am not judging these girls on their looks or even on their words. I just feel the vibration of pure love for them. I love myself too! I don’t think about my weight or my clothes. I don’t remember anything about my chaotic life. I feel perfectly content to sit in this park.

I feel the energy of all these new friends and they are smiling from ear to ear, so happy to be alive. They tell me about themselves and who they are and they tell me how peaceful my presence is. 

These girls are complete strangers, I have never met them in my life! And yet they have so many wonderful things to say about me. 

I remember looking at the sky and admiring how beautifully blue and purple it was. I seem to recall the essence of a rainbow. The grass and the clouds seem to be vibrating and singing. The whole world and everything in it seems to say that we are One. I feel supported and loved by the entire Universe and I love the Universe back.

I can see people admiring me and one of my male friends comes over to tell me he thinks I look very beautiful and he starts taking videos of me, trying to capture the moments. I knew he meant beautiful in a different way, he meant that he felt beautiful around me.

I look around to keep taking in the beauty of Mother Earth and I see my friends are so joyful and they’re just running around being completely free.  It is as if all their troubles have been lifted and they’re free to enjoy being.


I eventually came back to my “normal” reality and functioning. As a young person I did not understand the true depth and wonder of that experience! I knew it was different and special but I didn’t realize how amazing it was. After years of searching I came to understand that this was the natural state of humanity, Love and Peace. 

I have many stories about similar events and similar feelings of bliss, but this was the first very powerful one I remember. It is a memory I hold on to when I begin to doubt whether there is true goodness in this world. 

I shared this with you because I want you to know that even though things may seem horrible and it may feel as though humanity is only a downhill course, there is a reality out there that is much sweeter. 

I really want to encourage all of you to share in that memory with me and to accept that state of enlightenment as your own. It is part of your reality also. It is your true nature and it is available to you at all moments. You do not need to live in the scary, dangerous, or fearful world that has been imposed on you. It is not real. My story is proof that perfect harmony is not a Utopian dream, it is a very real state of being that one can reach.

When you reach a higher state (and you will reach a higher state) you will realize how you have been deceived into a false reality.

Your reality is Love and Peace. You reality is that you are a wonderful, infinitely loving being and you are here to share that with the world. 

I ask all of you to come into the Light and shine that Light back into the world. May your lives be filled with the bliss of love.




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