Bless Up: Part 6 Your Life’s Work

Hello everyone! Wow it has been an amazing month with everyone here. I would like to say thank you to all of you who read and share my blog! I’ve only received a handful of comments, but I would always love to here more from all my readers.

I have wonderful news for everyone and I will be sharing some personal tidbits with you guys in today’s Bless Up post. 

Although this is not mentioned anywhere else on my blog (yet), I am a certified Reiki Master. If you are curious about Reiki, I will do a post about it soon. 

I have been working on manifesting a proper career for myself since I was about 22 years old. A good friend of mine at a meditation camp who was a metaphysical counselor and owned an online crystal shop helped a few of us younger people with writing a manifestation statement. I asked for two things: a career in the metaphysical where I can help others and a good husband! 

Today as I looked back on my planner for the first half of the year I can see that even though it appeared I was making “no progress” I have been putting these things into the Universe for years and I was especially heavily manifesting in the past six months. Every day my planner was filled with phrases such as “work on manifesting business website” and “brainstorm blog” and here we are today! 

This month marked a huge transition for me and something which I have been praying and working for for months has come true.

I have my own Reiki practice now! 

No husband yet, but I understand now that I just have to keep praying and working.

Today’s Bless Up is very close to my heart and I am writing it through literal tears of joy because I cannot believe how far I have come and I am so glad that I can help other people achieve their dreams and goals.

I want to see all of you reaching unimaginable heights of bliss and I want all of you to succeed in life.

Today we are going to pray for perfect jobs and perfect careers and this perfection is the perfection that only the Universe is capable of. 

♥♥♥ The Prayer ♥♥♥

Thank you Universe for all you have given me. Whether you have given me a lot or a little, I thank you. I come to Creator today to ask for the perfect work in life.

I ask for perfect work according to the loving laws of the Universe. I ask that my work provide for those under my care, provide for me, and allow me to enjoy life. 

I am not a slave to anyone, I am a hard worker who deserves to be given my proper pay. 

Proper pay is whatever I imagine it to be, it does not have to be only money. However, if I am in need of money Creator I beg of you to give me more than enough money.

Creator with whatever talents and aptitudes you have blessed me with I want to make the world a better place, a more peaceful place, and a place that is full of your Loving Will. 

I ask that I work in the environment suited for me and I recognize that nothing is impossible and no dreams are too big. I am not limited by human timelines or notions of space. I understand to the deepest subconscious level that I will receive these blessings. 

I understand that all that Creator asks of me is that I shine light on this world and that I work hard everyday to grow in love and peace.

There is no competition in this world, I will be given exactly what I need.

There is enough for everyone on this planet, I do not need to fear poverty.

I enjoy everything I already have. I ask Creator to grant me a few pleasures in this world, as he/she sees fit. I appreciate everything I have and I appreciate everything I will have in the future.

If I am going through a hard time financially, Creator do not let me fall into depression about it. I understand that at the end of the day I am here to be happy, not to suffer. 

If I am suffering please let me understand the cause of my suffering. If I need to learn financial and career lessons in this lifetime please give me the wisdom to learn these lessons quickly.

I ask for forgiveness for any abuse of  money and resources that I have done or that my ancestors have done. I ask to be given the intelligence and wisdom to handle all my resources wisely.

Creator do not let me fall into debt. 

If I have been a bad employee at any time here or in the past, I ask to be forgiven and I ask to be shown the error of my ways.

If I have been a bad employer at any time here or in the past, I ask to be forgiven and shown the error of my ways.

I ask that in your name Creator I be forgiven for any damage I have caused in the pursuit of work and resources. I know that if I ask for forgiveness I will be given it.

I open myself up to Divine Guidance in my career at all times. I know that the Universe is always telling me what is best and I am open to listening. I am continuously guided by my higher self. 

Finally Creator I ask that you support me in all my endeavors and that you give me clean resources and clean work. I know that this Earth has infinite possibilities for me and that your will is for me to have the best life possible. 

So it is. 




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