Human Design: Part 2 Projectors

Hello everyone, I am here once more with the second part of the Human Design Series.

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Human Design Part 1: Generators

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Human Design is a fun system I discovered a few years back and this system has taught me a lot about the world and myself.

Today’s post is about a second category of strategy, called the Projectors. Projectors make up 20% of the population. As opposed to Generators, Projectors do not have consistent energy output. They are not meant to consistently put out work. In fact, Projectors are really the managers of humanity. They are here to direct other people and help them find their true paths in life. Projectors have to understand that this is their role and that they will be much better off if they stop trying to be Generators and work consistently.

Where Generators and Projectors are similar is that they both need to wait in life. Projectors need to wait for people to ask for their advice and for people to acknowledge them. When Projectors try to initiate instead of wait they will face resistance. This resistance that Projectors can feel causes them to feel bitterness. Personally I have known many Projectors and even very healthy ones have had an experience of rejection that they speak about with great bitterness.

The bitterness comes from not feeling that others notice them or feeling that other people do not appreciate the great lengths they go to to “fix” people’s lives. If you are a Projector do not worry about wanting to give advice all the time, this is your natural state and in fact you are VERY good at it! Projectors have a natural talent for directing other people and they do this very diplomatically. As a Projector what you need to focus on is learning to wait for your advice to be requested and wait for people who appreciate and value your advice.

Let me give you a personal anecdote about a Projector friend of mine so you can see the difference between entering a situation correctly or not.

I met this friend online. Before knowing his human design, we got off on a very good foot! We enjoying talking to each other a lot and we had very long conversations about my life. I didn’t know he was a Projector until later, but immediately within 2 days of knowing each other, I asked him for advice about my life and career. He was thrilled and more than happy to help. He had amazing advice, gave me new perspectives on my life, and showed me some things I was ignoring. He was such a positive influence that I credit him with getting me through some of the worst career moments and my worst relationship moments. He helped me regain my value and self-esteem in my relationship and helped me move on to a much better career.

That example is a wonderful example of the amazing powers a Projector has when they wait to be invited. I openly asked for his guidance and I received it by the bucketload.

Like Generators, Projectors often fear that nothing will happen if they don’t initiate.

To illustrate how disastrous this can be, let me offer you a story about this same friend. He was and still is very much in love with a particular woman. They had a fairly normal and stable relationship, except for when this Projector did not wait for the invitation. He wrote this woman a letter, detailing all the things she could improve upon in order for their relationship to be better. Between two Generators or a Generator and a Manifestor, this might not have been such a huge deal. How many of us haven’t wished that a partner would tell us how to fix our relationship? But as a Projector, he offered advice that was not requested. Unfortunately for my friend, this woman left in a fit of rage and indignation. How dare he point out her flaws? The result of this interaction was bitterness for my friend, he still pines for and thinks about the relationship and he still feels like he was underappreciated.

From my first example you can see that when a Projector waits, people actually do come to them!

People will seek you out! Have faith.

My second bit of advice to Projectors is to not beat yourself up for not having a consistent work flow. Learn to work with your ups and downs. When you’re up, get everything and anything done. When you feel suddenly disengaged and unable or unwilling to work, don’t. In our Generator dominated world, people can perceive you as lazy, undisciplined, or lacking consistency. As a matter of fact, the same Projector friend above has had difficulty completing his college education because of the inconsistent energy flow that is natural to Projectors. My suggestion is to find jobs and work where you can be self-employed preferably or be left to work at your own pace. If you are a college student or about to be a college student and find yourself struggling, try not enrolling full time and be sure to take your summer breaks. Plan on taking longer than the Generators around you to finish things. Do not beat yourself up about it, it is natural for you and the world is mostly structured around Generator energy.

And finally, accept and embrace your human design. Understand it’s beauty and find your place in the world!

P.S This post was inspired by Anna, one of my blog followers and a Projector


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