I AM: Part One Cleansing

Blessings creatures of light! This is the first part of the I AM series and I am so happy to be sharing it with  you today. In this series I will try to work through each of the chakras clearing the issues associated with each one for you. 

Before we can do any of that work though, we must clear ourselves of old programming and old beliefs before we can install new beliefs. 

I ask the Creator to come down and bless this post, I ask the Angels to come down and bless this post, I ask your personal protectors, guardians, and divine guidance to come down and bless this post. 

I am very excited for this because I can already feel these forces around me, protecting me. For further protection I want you to imagine you are in a bubble of pure divine white light. This bubble prevents ANY negative energy from within or without of you to harm you. This bubble is a protective shield which nothing, except pure love and divine will, can penetrate. You are fully protected by Creator, Angels, your own guardians, and now this impenetrable force field. Do not be afraid to do this work, know that only good can come out of it. 

Please take a moment to come into that energy of perfection and security.

♥♥♥Let’s begin (say these out loud or silently)♥♥♥

I am now on a wonderful journey. I am walking into the light and out of the darkness every day and every second of my life. I am being transformed at the deepest level. The Creator is assisting me in coming back to oneness. Everyone and everything is assisting me in coming back to oneness. I am a perfect vessel for the divine.

My mind is healed from all traumas, all memories of traumas, any wrong thinking, thinking about wrong doing, any thinking which is not in line with love and light. In fact, I hardly think anymore. I am functioning on a higher level, a spiritual level. 

My mind, which in the past has attempted to trap me with false beliefs, evil and hateful thoughts, resentments, and which has kept me living in the past and never in the future, is growing weaker in its influence over me. I am being transformed so I can live divinely, in the flow of the now. 

I am free from all mental anguishes. 

I release all mental connections to the past because they prevent me from the now, which is where God resides. I release all fear holding me back from living in the now. I release any need for control. I enter the flow of life perfectly, with no barriers.

I release all negative energy stored in my body, including in my bones, muscles, and organs. From every part of my body I release trauma, pain, and negative information. I cleanse this in the name of the Almighty Creator. So it is. 

No pain, no trauma, no injury is too great to be healed if I believe. I release all blockages to belief that I can healed. I understand that many things I have wanted have not happened because somewhere inside of me is disbelief, but it is all removed now. It is gone, no more disbelief exists. I understand now the power of the Universe and how I can use it. No forces of evil can touch me, no person or circumstance can prevent divine will from flowing into me. I am a mountain of faith, faith in myself, faith in Creator, faith in the Universe. 

Nothing can move me away from love and peace. Love and peace is my divine right! I exist to live in that beautiful energy and anything, anyone, any force that wishes to remove me from that simply cannot move me. It is impossible to remove me from perfect peace and harmony. 

My mind is in the now, my body is in the now. 

I cleanse all my DNA now. I heal my DNA from foreign DNA which does not belong to the human realm, I cleanse myself from any DNA which is not from Creator and was not created for his people. I cleanse away my ancestral traumas and I live free from ancestral traumas. Any information in my DNA which is not of perfection, which has been corrupted by human imperfection or interference from other life forms, I now cleanse and restore to its’ original divine and perfect form. 

I make my entire body systems, including my DNA perfect and whole again. They are free from the influence of the past, the influence of the future, they exist perfectly in the now moment by moment. Whatever negativity is there, whatever conditions have come because I or we have deviated from the path of righteousness, I now cleanse. 

I have no violence, no greed, no envy, no jealousy, no hatred, no selfishness, no imperfection anywhere in my mind or body. Only perfect energy, perfect spirit. 

Fear, which has been gripping me my whole life and causing me to act in ways that are not divinely willed, is leaving me entirely. Fear will fight to leave, but it has to leave, it is not welcome into any part of me. Fear of death, fear of being hurt, fear of living, fear of people, fear of abundance, fear of lack, all the fears except the fear of God are erased from me. Where there is no fear, no entities or bad spirits can feed off of that energy, therefore I am perfectly fearless. I have no fear of being fearless. 

Fear is a difficult emotion, it keeps trying to come back. We fear being fearless. Our fear tells us that we need fear! But I am not afraid of anything. Fear cannot manipulate me. It is leaving my body, no matter how much it may fight to stay, it has left my body. Any entities or spirits which have been feeding off my fear must go as well, in the name of the Creator they are not welcome here. (Pause to really feel this one)

I live a fearless life.

My mind is cleansed, my body is cleanse, my DNA is cleansed, and my fear is cleansed. 

I am here now to cleanse my spiritual self. My spirit has endured a lot to be alive on this Earth. If I am a less fortunate soul, I may have endured horrifying things in my time on Earth. First of all I ask to be forgiven by the Universe and the Creator. I ask to be forgiven for any wrong actions, wrong thoughts, and wrong beliefs. I apologize for errors I have committed against others. I ask for mercy as I embark on the path of righteousness. I ask that God and all his Angels reveal to me, continuously the proper way to live life. I ask for their blessing in this work and journey that I have undertaken. I ask that they deliver me from the darkness to the light. 

I forgive all those who have committed errors against me, no matter how horrible these errors were. I understand that if I seek forgiveness for myself I must forgive others. I must forgive them for their harm so that they may stop living in darkness. When I forgive I allow others to move from the dark to the light. When I view others as perfect beings, full of love and light, they will act like what I see. When I project perfect love and light at all times, the world becomes full of love and light and darkness cannot exist anymore. Constant forgiveness.

When others harm me, I understand that they are violating God’s will for them, but I will not allow them to make me violate God’s Will by generating anger, harshness, or being judgmental towards them. When others harm me, I will smile inside because I am in perfect peace and harmony, they cannot hurt me, they cannot cause me to leave this wonderful state of being I have achieved. I understand that by living in Oneness I can truly help people because I will be a living example of the joy that is possible. 

My ego is nonexistent, the insults, the actions, and the perversions of others cannot affect me one bit. They may cut my arm off but still I will not generate one drop of negativity towards them. I will continue to live in my world of perfection. I will see how living in Oneness affects people so positively. I will witness how my calm, loving, compassionate nature turns enemies into friends and caused more peace. 

Others will not be able to spread their diseases of mind, body, or soul to me. I am One with Creator. 

My spirit is free from bondage. Whatever has happened to me in this life, no matter how terrible, it cannot injure my spirit, I will not allow it. I remove all poison, all negativity, all harm from my spirit. If I was not loved, if I was abused, whatever has happened to me or my ancestors that has left harm in our spirits, it is removed by the power of me and the Creator. I am whole, nothing is missing. The trials of my life, the suffering of my life, is completely washed away. I remain perfect, perfect in peace and perfect in love. 

I do not have to entertain depressing thoughts, thoughts of worthlessness, or any negative thoughts. I do not have to keep living a karmic past, paying for the works of me or my ancestors. That is all an illusion. It is an illusion to believe that I need to suffer in order to be alive. I do not need to, I was not meant to suffer. I turn away from all evil and all evil turns away from me. I can enter the realm of perfection and peace right now and I do. I leave behind the world which wants me to suffer, wants me to worry, and wants me to be a wounded animal. 

A gigantic force within me shakes me to my core, removing all  impurities. All my negativity rises up to the Creator and is destroyed. 

I have started a new life and I am pure again. 

So it is. 


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    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I understand my site format is a bit hard to comment on, it’s a work in progress so I appreciate you navigating it!

      Amanda, I have sent you personal blessings as a form of gratitude.


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